Alternative Sticker for Set 10497 - Galaxy Explorer 10497 - Galaxy Explorer
Alternative Sticker for Set 10497 - Galaxy Explorer
10497 - Galaxy Explorer

Alternative Sticker for Set 10497 - Galaxy Explorer

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Lego Set 10497 - Galaxy Explorer
Sticker is transparent vinyl and precut
This is not original, it is an alternative sticker for set 10497

This sticker is a Custom Replacement of the original sticker made the by LEGO Company or a custom sticker designed by Brickstickershop. Brickstickershop sells custom products and is not affiliated with the LEGO company. The products sold by Brickstickershop are not official LEGO products. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group is not responsible for the products sold by Brickstickershop.


Product specification

Transparent Vinyl

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Alternative Sticker for Set 10497 - Galaxy Explorer

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Stephen C. 🇮🇪

This was my first order from Brickstickershop, the sheets are well produced and are perfect addition to complete set 10497 if you want to build more than one of them, this will allow you to have 3 with different numbers on them. However I would have preferred if they were for the 6 x1 brick rather than the 4x1 brick. I love the LL928-A sticker. It was the main reason I bought this sheet

Paul G

These stickers are part of my first order from I'm a new fan! The shipment took a little over a week to reach me in the US (quite reasonable). The quality of the stickers is quite impressive. I have already used most of the stickers on this sheet. The stickers are cut perfectly to size for LEGO bricks. You do need to be accurate in their application since the cut is so precise, but I was able to gently apply, lift, and readjust -- I am very pleased about this (since I am not so precise with my sticker applications). Personally, I like the font size on the registry numbers -- they're more similar to the original font size. I appreciate the inclusion of the LL 928-A ship registry; I am displaying the 2022 model next to my original LL 928 and I like the implication of the "next generation" of the ship.


Like the other products available in this shop, the quality of the print and sticker stock is high and well produced. My only suggestion would be to print the 918 AND 924 onto a 6 stud-wide stickers and increase font size to match the actual printed bricks from the official set.