Once upon a time, a (not so) young Mario dug up his Sopwith Camel. Undoing his priced Lego of the thick layer of dust that accumulated on it’s bricks, Mario took a good look at (what was left of) the stickers. ‘Well, dust ‘me old bricks! There’s more left of me hair than of them stickers!’ (POV: Mario Doesn’t have a lot of hair, which says a lot about the stickers.)

Mario went on a quest, searching the land, skies, seas and world wide web for new stickers. Unfortunately he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

A frustrated Mario had a glorious epiphany: ‘I’ll do it meself!’

And thus, on a semi-cold and damp Thursday morning, in April 2016, with a lot of coffee (no, I’m serious, a lot of coffee), Brickstickershop was born.