Frequently asked questions:

Are you selling original stickers ?
No. The stickers that are sold on Brickstickershop are custom replicas of the original stickers.

I cannot find the sticker I'm looking for ?
If you cannot find a specific sticker that you are looking for on the site please contact us. Our experience is that almost any sticker can be reproduced.

Are the stickers pre-cut ?
Yes, all our stickers are precut

I can't get of the stickers of the backing paper?
The easiest way is to first remove the outer edges, so that the necessary stickers remain. With a hobby knife or other flat object you can easily remove the necessary stickers.

On the pictures on the wesite, the colors appear to be a little 'flat' ?
We are using the RGB Lego color codes when creating the custom stickers to come as close as possible to the original. This means that the stickers reflect the Lego brick colors that were issued in the original (70's, 80's and 90's) sets. On the stickersheets this sometimes appears to be a little 'off color', but this only looks this way (for instance, Lego black is not really black, it's a little lighter). Once you stick the sticker to the bricks you will see that the colors almost exactly match. One additional remark about colors though; as you all know, Lego bricks might show some coloring due to age, so small color deviations with the stickers might occur. There is nothing we can do about this, we can only reference to the original color.

Are the stickers waterproof ?
We use high quality vinyl. According to the manufacturer, it is waterproof.

About transparent stickers:
The sticker indicates whether it is available transparently.

Can you reproduce any sticker ?
In principle we can, however, we follow the rule that we will not reproduce stickers that you can still buy on the official Lego site. We only reproduce stickers that are no longer supplied by Lego.
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