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Frequently asked questions:

Are you selling original stickers ?
No. The stickers that are sold on Brickstickershop are custom replicas of the original stickers.

I cannot find the sticker I'm looking for ?
If you cannot find a specific sticker that you are looking for on the site please contact us. Our experience is that almost any sticker can be reproduced.

Are the sitickers pre-cut ?
We are working to convert all our stickers into pre-cut vinyl. If the stickers are pre-cut, this is clearly stated.
The uncut stickers must cut or cut yourself with a hobby knife.

After cutting the sticker, it will not come of the backing paper ?
This is a known problem and it is caused by the fact that when cutting the stickers, the sticker paper is pressed very hard to the backing paper on the cutting line. There are two ways to solve this. The first is to use a hobby knife and, after cutting, gently press the cutting site of the knife between the sticker and the backing paper in a corner. Once you have a start you will find that it is easy to remove the backing paper. The second option is to pull the backing paper from the sticker before cutting for about 80%. After this, push the sticker back on the backing paper and cut. You will find that after cutting the sticker will easily come of the backing paper.

On the pictures on the wesite, the colors appear to be a little 'flat' ?
We are using the RGB Lego color codes when creating the custom stickers to come as close as possible to the original. This means that the stickers reflect the Lego brick colors that were issued in the original (70's, 80's and 90's) sets. On the stickersheets this sometimes appears to be a little 'off color', but this only looks this way (for instance, Lego black is not really black, it's a little lighter). Once you stick the sticker to the bricks you will see that the colors almost exactly match. One additional remark about colors though; as you all know, Lego bricks might show some coloring due to age, so small color deviations with the stickers might occur. There is nothing we can do about this, we can only reference to the original color.

Are the stickers waterproof ?
After printing, we treat the stickers with lacque to make them water resistant. This does not mean they are WATERPROOF. The lacque is simply used to prevent moisture destroying your stickers and furthermore the lacque prevents the stickers from coloring over time. Putting them on a Lego boat and putting them in your bath tub might nog be a good idea (however, we never tried it, it might even work out okay ;-))

About transparent stickers:
The sticker indicates whether it is available transparently.

Several sets in the 70's, 80's and 90's were released by Lego with transparent sticker sheets with white prints (especially train- and boat sets). We cannot exactly reproduce these stickers because we can't print white (in fact, white represents the absence of color, with other words, showing the background of the print surface which is normally white (paper)). The only printers that are capable of printing white are expensive industrial printers. The way we work around this is to use the background color of the bricks that will hold the sticker. The end result is the same as when you would apply the transparent sticker (but a lot cheaper because the original transparant stickers can only be bought at collectors sites and are very expensive).

Can you reproduce any sticker ?
In principle we can, however, we follow the rule that we will not reproduce stickers that you can still buy on the official Lego site. We only reproduce stickers that are no longer supplied by Lego.

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